What is “The Matt Mentality”


What is a Matt Mentality?  Put simply, it is a positive attitude.  Not a patronizing gesture but a true callout of what someone does that is good or commendable during play.  Many times, in gameplay I hear negative comments from players during and especially after the game, this can bring down the participation level of all players.

I often wonder why so many people are quick to speak negative, leave negative reviews and find fault but then there are those few positive people that look for the positive, the best, the good.  I would much rather associate with people that are looking for the positive instead of those that only look for the negative in others.  That is a sign of a true leader, a person who gains respect from others as when they are part of a team, that team knows they are not only fun to play with, but they are also a positive force to strengthen the team as a whole during play.

“I noticed as I continued doing it that I was less upset or salty and I just felt good and I was less upset after a loss and it was nice for them but it made me feel better.” 

Matt is often on my team while playing Heroes of the Storm, I asked Matt why he always comments positive play and he said, “I noticed as I continued doing it that I was less upset or salty and I just felt good and I was less upset after a loss and it was nice for them but it made me feel better.”  I realized that Matt may have initially started this action for himself and his own satisfaction during the game but what he did not realize is that his actions made a difference to his entire team and often crossed over the opposing team as well.

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The Smile Studies discusses this thought process with the theory of mood migration which is based on a basic 2-point basis.  If you see someone smiling then you naturally may smile, and then it continues that if you smile then others that see you may smile too.  Just the act of trying to be happy on purpose can make you happier.  It works like a chain reaction and can change not only your entire outlook but those that encounter you as well.



Martin Seligman is often called the ‘father of positive psychology’ and he created the study of 5 core elements called PERMA that used regularly and purposefully was as powerful as Prozac.  If you work on your own PERMA then there is a 48% chance of helping your own depression where Prozac accounts for a 40% chance of help.


In gaming, we should all use the Matt Mentality, which is just a more positive and kinder attitude.  Have you experienced this with any players during your games?  Have you practiced this process yourself?  I challenge you to work on having more of a “Matt Mentality” during your next game and see if it works for you!  If we all support each other and call out the good versus the bad, we can completely change the atmosphere of gaming and turn it into a more uplifting fun team game!

Let me know in the comments what you have experienced and if you would like to watch the full video from NotParadox discussing the Matt Mentality click the video link here.



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