If you know thyself…


The Art of War was written many years ago in a time where war was constant. Sun Tzu wrote an entire book of “The Art of War,” and one of the most famous quotes used in a variety of media is “If you know thyself and you know thy enemy, you have already won.” NotParadox uses this as an example in a few of his videos saying “If you know everything the enemy can do, and you can do, you will take the fights you know you will win. Making it so you never lose.”

maxresdefault (4)

In life this is incredibly important as well, we might not be in a literal war with anyone, but instead, we are in a battle with society. Everyone is battling to get to the top of their industry, to get a dream, or possibly even just change the opinions of someone. If you want to move up in a company you are in a battle, not just with your peers, but with the system itself. If you don’t understand the system, how can you possibly know how to move through it? But if you don’t even know what you are capable of, or the areas you struggle with, how can you possibly expect to outshine those around you?

Maybe you’re just dating, you’re a guy who just wishes to gain the attention of your dream girl. You may know everything about her, but she still rejects you or simply doesn’t know you exist. NotParadox uses an example, “If you want your dream girl, be your dream girl’s dream guy.” Knowing thyself is important because it might give you the realizations you need to know what you need to adjust in your life to get ahead.


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